Farejador do Planalto (Plateau Sniffer) is a tool to monitor and share information about brazilian politician's public money expenditure.

Obtaining detailed information about politician's expenses and sessions attendance in Brazil is not an easy task. And in order to have better politicians that handle public money appropriately, the citizens must be able to better analyse the politicians so an educated decision can be made.

Despite the fact that the detailed information mentioned above is publicly available, you have to navigate a highly unreliable, non-user friendly website to obtain it, and in a poll conducted with over 60 people, we've found out that 100% of the interviewed did not know how to access this information.

Unfortunately, cases of abuse of public money by part of politicians are still relatively commonplace. These abuses are not only in amount (i.e.: Politicians spending too much money) but also in payment to fake companies that will give the politicians kickbacks.

We believe that one of the reasons this happens is because of the difficulty of access and obscurity of the data. So we want to provide an easy to use and access tool that is accessible by all citizens interested in this because this information is crucial both before the elections, in order to decide on which candidate to vote, and after the elections, to follow up on elected politicians.

All the politicians information comes from the official public sources and are updated monthly from them:

The last update was on August 2014